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Classic Bullet (ALB-09)

The ALB-309 Classic Bullet is a quality powder coated cast aluminum architectural lighting fixture for cost effective multipurpose uses. Available standard for use with a Par 38 incandescent lamp and optionally can be equipped for use with LED or CFL options. The unit is equipped with a high strength tempered glass lens and high temperature gaskets to seal the lamp compartment from the harshest environments. The fixture mounting utilizes a standard 1/2" NPT hub that also provides an adjustable locking feature for that allow for the selection of a wide range of aiming positions.
Grade Mounted Up Light (TMA-4000)

The TMA-4000 Grade mounted up-light is a high quality non-metallic light fixture intended for use in up lighting applications like flag poles, tree illumination, or wall wash solutions. This fixture is standard equipped with high temperature tempered glass lens protected by a high strength rock guard and gaskets for maximum life. Lamp choices available include incandescent, Fluorescent, Metal halide, and High Pressure Sodium. The fixture features aiming adjustment via the angular adjustment of the lamp internally and the rock guard orientation externally.
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